Founded in 2005, 11DAYS is specialized in web design and internet services. The company set a strong foothold in the Jordanian market as a provider of premium web services that include web design, web development, domain names registration, and web hosting, among others.


Web Design

11 DAYS offers top-notch web design at affordable rates, ensuring to meet clients’ expectations and even exceed them. Our original and personalized design services have proven to be a powerful marketing tool; the high-level...

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The company has catered to an impressive number of companies and individual clients in the country, and has proven to be a reliable, highly-professional partner in transforming their business by gaining them considerable exposure via online media.

The 11DAYS team has an extensive knowledge-base coupled with years of experience in web design and related services, a valuable addition that has gained us an edge over our competitors in the market.


The company is located in Al-Sweifia - Yacoub Muammar Str. B6 / 3F / Office 303 / 304.

Why 11DAYS



11DAYS has garnered a notable reputation for its expert, knowledgeable, and high-standard web services. The company has developed a wide range of web solutions to leading enterprises in Jordan across different industries including real estate, IT, education, hotels, newspapers, and many others.

We have managed to offer clients quality services that reflected positively on the growth of their business, all through the proper and efficient utilization of latest technologies in internet services. We have also taken into account the individual aspects of our clients’ business, and hence delivered personalized solutions that stay true to the purpose, target audience, and message of our respective clients.

Additionally, we even maintained post-sale support by responding continually to performance evaluations, feedback, and enquiries.


The company adopts a creative, fresh standpoint to full extent. We ensure that the website layout is given a unique touch through attention-grabbing visual effects, arrangements, and more importantly, a high-level of functionality.

Moreover, each project is dealt with on an individual basis, i.e., clients are provided with the services and solutions that best suit their respective business and objectives. In doing so, clients can be guaranteed to retain their current clients and also attract prospective ones.


11DAYS maintains a high level of professionalism and teamwork. We ensure that deadlines are met, yet without compromising the overall quality of the job. Prior to the design process, the 11DAYS team meets with the client to accumulate preliminary data in regards to purpose, target audience, and vision of the business.

A well-studied plan is then set forth to fully meet clients' requirements. The design process is implemented in line with the plan, by which we can guarantee usability, viewer ship via most search engines, and premium content.

The final phase of the design process entails the testing and documenting of the overall content and functionality. Our web services are not delivered unless they undergo a detailed set of testing to ensure an adept finalization of the project.


Our passion for the internet business is simply the driving force behind our work. We see in online media a great potential to transform one's business on a number of levels, particularly marketing. In fact, online advertisement and good visibility for your website via search engines can gain you exposure and recognition for your services and products, and all by keeping cost to a minimum.


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